Memberships also come in month-to-month options. Basic Refill is $69 and Unlimited is $129 for monthly no contract. 60 minute massage does not rollover monthly. Unlimited includes refills only. If more than 50% of lashes are missing a full set will be required. Other terms and conditions may apply.

Full Set of Lashes

$79 / $249

A full set of lash extensions, customized to your style. Members get their first full set free when they join. If you need another full set for any reason it is only $79 for members. Non-members pay $249 for a full set


$49 / $79

If you have 50-75% of your lash extensions left, a refill is what you should schedule. Members get refill(s) included in their membership. If an additional refill is required it will be only $49. Non-members needing a refill pay $79. 

NOTE: We cannot refill lashes done by other companies/stylists.



$29 / $49

If you still have 75%+ of your lash extensions, a mini-refill is much quicker (only 30 minutes). If you’re a member you get a regular refill each month. If you need an additional mini-refill it is only $29 for members and $49 for non-members.

NOTE: We do not refill lashes done by other companies/stylists.

Classic Volume / 3D

$19 / $39

Classic volume gives you a much fuller look by adhering multiple lashes to each natural lash. Members pay as little as only $19 and non-members pay $39. Unlimited+ members get this for free!

Russian Volume / 5D

$39 / $59

Russian volume gives a beautiful and dramatic look. Using 5-D fans, we adhere 5 lashes to your natural lash giving you a gorgeous and full look. Members pay $39 and Non-Members pay $59.


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