If you look good, we look good. We want you to have amazing results that last as long as possible. We’ve put together this quick list of do’s and don’ts to help you understand not just what to do, but why you should do it. It’s packed with science, information, and more to help you learn what’s best for your brand new lash extensions. While it’s not an exhaustive list, you should still talk to your stylist. They’ll be able to give you quick tips, recommendations, and real-world advice.

What to Avoid

While all of these should be avoided during the duration of wearing lash extensions, it is especially important during the first 48 hours as the glue cures to create a permanent bond with your natural lashes. Since this is not an exhaustive list, and there are other things you could do to shorten your retention (like pulling on your lashes, repeated exposure to over-chlorinated pools, etc.) you should check with your last stylist if you’re having retention issues.


Especially waterproof or long-wear makeup around the eye. These can get in between your natural eyelash and the lash extension and clump creating pressure that causes the extensions to “pop off”.


The combination of heat and pressure can cause extensions to fall out especially in the first 48 hours. Your lash extensions are naturally curly. If you would like them to be more curly, talk to your stylist about lash styles.


8 hours straight of pushing and sliding your lashes against a pillow, especially within the first few days, can cause separation of your lashes and lash extensions, especially if your pillowcase has oils (from your hair and skin) or fabric softening chemicals. Try using pillows on your side to keep you from rolling over.


Makeup removers can dissolve the glue, especially in the first 48 hours. Try to avoid removers containing any form of glycol. Ask your stylist about lash-safe makeup removers.


Fibers can get caught in your lashes, and they can pull on the extensions. This includes Q-Tips®, cotton balls, or pads with fibers. Try to find lint free applicators or lint-free non-textured pads if you need to swipe your eye. Ask your lash stylist about lash-safe products.


Chemicals and organic compounds in facials and masks are usually designed to remove skin and dissolve dirt and debris. This can also dissolve the glue for your lash extensions, especially in the first 2-3 days. Be careful of compounds containing glycol, glycolic acid, heavy oils, and chemicals.


What to Do

Taking care of your natural lashes, and lash extensions, will ensure they remain long, lush, and gorgeous for much longer. Also, keeping your lashes well cleaned and groomed will mean less chance for irritation or bacteria entering your eyes. This is true whether you wear extensions or not.


Most people try to avoid touching their lashes at all, which can cause serious issues. Everyone has lash mites in their eyes. These microscopic mites feed off of dead skin cells and can also eat away at the lash glue itself causing the extensions to come off. Also, the crust you see in your lashes is usually waste from these mites which can cause eye irritation and even infection. It is crucial to keep lash mites to a minimum by cleansing your lashes daily, preferably twice a day.


A good alternative to Q-Tips are lint free applicators. They work in much the same way and are disposable just like Q-Tips. The lint from Q-Tips can tug on the lashes and tiny fibers can also get stuck between your natural lash and lash extensions. You can also find lint-free eye / skin pads as well.


Dry lashes become brittle and aren’t very healthy and can shed quicker. We use an oil proof glue that’s rubberized and thrives when kept moisturized. Some oils are better than others and unnatural oils or petroleum based oils should be avoided (Mineral Oil, Petrolatum, etc.). Check the ingredients in your moisturizer/lotion. The best oils are coconut oil, rapeseed oil, or castor oil. Ask your stylist for their recommendation on brands, etc. as they’ve likely used every product on themselves and their clients and can give you insight on their favorites.


Oils from your hair and skin coat your pillowcase as you’re rubbing up against it for up to 8 hours at a time. Also, microscopic lash mites can transfer from your face to your pillowcase, and back again if you’re not changing it frequently. While it is advised that you do not sleep on your side or stomach, it’s not always possible when shifting throughout the night.


After 2 days you should be brushing your lashes daily. Don’t worry, you won’t pull off the lash extensions as they should’ve created a permanent bond to your natural lashes by now. Brushing them helps remove clumps, debris, and keeps them from getting tangled which can cause a pulling or tugging feeling. Brush them immediately after cleaning them for best results.


Not only has your Master Stylist gone through extensive training, and continuing education, they are lash enthusiasts themselves and have likely used every product under the sun on themselves and their clients and have real knowledge as to what works and what doesn’t. While they will always recommend our products first, they all have advice about drug store products, online products, and more. We encourage them to do what’s best for the customer and if there’s something they love we try and carry it in the store as well. Just ask about aftercare and you’ll get expert advice from someone who cares about your results.

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Keeping your lashes clean, hydrated, tidy, and tangle-free is vital. Issues with early shedding, eye irritation, pulling, etc. can all be avoided by keeping them clean & healthy. It is recommended that you clean your lashes with a lash-safe cleanser 2x a day.


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Gunk and buildup can become a feeding ground for lash mites and cause premature shedding, eye irritation, and infections. Keep your lashes squeaky clean with a great lash-safe cleanser 2x a day.

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Gunk and buildup can become a feeding ground for lash mites and cause premature shedding, eye irritation, and infections. Keep your lashes squeaky clean with a great lash-safe cleanser 2x a day.

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