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Welcome to Epique Lash! In 2018 there were over 100 lash brands in the Houston area and thousands of eyelash extension stylists. Unfortunately, the vast majority of lash studios were using cheaper glue (even hair or nail glue!), cheap lashes, and using highly unexperienced technicians. The combination of low quality supplies, with lack of experience, and a business model that works like a turnstile, made us concerned.


We wanted to create an eyelash extension studio that WE would want to go to. We wanted a lash studio that was relaxing, beautiful, and comforting. We also wanted to create a place where highly skilled lash stylists used the best of everything. This includes the best lash glue, the best lash extensions, the best beds to lay on, etc. We aimed to create a brand where customers would know that our stylists are licensed professionals, well trained, the tools are clean, the process is safe, and they’re going to get amazing lashes.


This is Epique Lash. The best lash extensions in the world.


We have carefully crafted the ultimate experience for the most discerning of lash clients. Every detail meticulously obsessed over. Visit our Lash Studio in Houston and treat yourself to the best.


We hope you love it as much as we do!




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Managing Partner

Christopher is the one of the Managing Partners for the all-new Epique Spa in River Oaks! As a lash stylist himself with a background working with Fortune 500 retail companies, extensive management experience, and a love for customers — he is helping to transform the industry of lashes.


Master Stylist & Trainer

Master Stylist

Master Stylist

Master Stylist

Master Stylist

Master Stylist

Our master stylists represent the absolute best in the industry. Each employee hired has thousands of hours of real world eyelash extension experience with real clients in a salon setting. All stylists undergo initial training as well as continued training at certified institutions or specialty training from eyelash extensions related organizations. Every stylist is either a licensed esthetician, licensed cosmetologist, and/or licensed lash extentionist. If you’re looking for the absolute best lash technicians in the industry, our team is world-class. Please feel free to click the stylist above to see their before and after photos, as well as reviews from real customers about them.

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